We are on a modern day hunt for the holy grail.

Legends hold that the Grail had the power to heal all wounds, deliver eternal youth and grant everlasting happiness.


This grail exists, not as a cup in the physical world, but as the structure of the most impactful and positive vibes there are. One could assume these vibes would be so powerful most people they cross would naturally spread them, eventually touching most of the people on earth, forever changing our collective timeline in a positive direction. This is a study of the most effective vibes out there, and ways we can use them.


So what is an “effective vibe” you ask?

Before we define how a vibe can be effective, let us first define what a vibe is. Vibes refer to the emotions felt from certain experiences. Right now you are experiencing the downloading of the information on this page through a visual interface, causing hundreds of trillions of your neurons to fire in order to process and filter it. This experience, as a whole, can be summarized as having a certain vibe, whether good or bad. The vibe changes the way your brain state reconfigures itself, partially based on the information embedded in these sentences, partially based on your surroundings, your prior mood, etc. The way information is presented changes how our brains consciously and subconsciously process it. These conscious and subconscious feelings make up what we term as a “vibe”.



How does a vibe become effective?

When was the last time you read something that changed your outlook on life? When that happens, even on a small scale your entire life path is permanently altered. The level of alteration in a positive direction is the idea behind effective vibes. An ineffective vibe would be non-transformational and have no impact on future actions you take. It’s important to note, every experience reconfigures our brain in some way, in an attempt to help us better process all future experiences.

Every single piece of information we consume and share thus has the power of causing new butterfly effects that echo into eternity. Simply defined, the butterfly effect is a scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, changes the course of the universe forever. We can only attempt to grasp the magnitude of this. Every meme or thought we share has the power to shift the entire global narrative of mankind. Most of our actions, of course, do not have any last lasting impact on people. Just like how ordinary matter can be configured into a nuclear bomb, certain strings of words can range from meaningless to completely life changing. This paper is a culmination of work, to uncover this holy grail of information.


This power of shifting the future entirely just from the right information spreading is well known in high level governments and organization who have entire teams dedicated to cultural engineering and propaganda. Awareness of the power of this by the general public is just started to exponentially rise, as people are becoming aware of the effect of content they consume on their personal well-being. Understanding the power of the information you consume to craft your internal identity is itself an effective vibe. Every persons identity acts as a internal governance system on what to do, and what not to do. It is this internal governance system that is behind all noteworthy change in the world. Vibes shaping identities is no joke, what we experience from birth could lead to us ranging from a Buddhist monk or a Terrorist. It can be easy to forget that we are the cause of all news and progress that goes on. With the future of humanity still up for debate, it is simply the right information and vibes spreading that has the power to ensure the flourishing of our children, and our children’s children, or cause everything we have ever known and loved to be destroyed.



Why are Effective Vibes an Important subject?

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